Fitness, Fun and Friendship Building with Riverton Police and Oquirrh Hills Middle Students

Students exercise with officer Ash They are building on fitness and physical strength along with friendships at Oquirrh Hills Middle School this summer. The school has partnered with Riverton City and police to offer summertime group fitness and coordination classes for incoming 7th and 8th grade students. The free classes are an opportunity to come together, get fit and build relationships between students and law enforcement.

Thanks to everyone involved in this amazing summer opportunity, including Riverton City, Oquirrh Hills Middle School and Resource Officer Michael Ashley!

Try Subtraction for Enhanced Wellness

Wellness Wednesday LogoToday’s wellness tip is a review of some simple math.

While there is no exact formula for improving our sense of wellness, sometimes it’s helpful to try a new method to solve life’s problems, just like a math problem that you might get stuck on.

The list of things to add to improve your wellness can be fairly easy to come up with: a little bit of exercise, more nutritious foods, time in the sun, practicing gratitude, meditation… you get the idea.

However, sometimes our wellness is a problem of subtraction, rather than addition. More stillness and contentment can often be achieved by removing something rather than adding. Removing social media or screen time that creates stress and distracts from important relationships, removing expenses or activities that are too much to manage, removing a meeting or appointment from your schedule that drains your energy; there are lots of examples of things that can be removed in modern life.

If you feel overwhelmed or stressed, it might be time to try subtraction and see if that can improve your overall wellness.

Financial Facts from the Board: Certified Tax Rates & Truth in Taxation

Do you know how Utah’s property tax system works?
In Utah, property tax rates adjust each year so the taxing entity will receive the same total tax proceeds it received in the prior year, except for any new property developments. This means that as property values increase, the property tax rate decreases so the resulting tax revenue is the same as the prior year. Only new developments that were not on the tax rolls in the prior year yield new property tax dollars for a taxing entity. No adjustments are made for inflation. The county auditor and the State Tax Commission calculate this tax rate and it is called the Certified Tax Rate. Governing bodies, such as the Board of Education, may increase the tax rate from the Certified Tax Rate only if they go through a process called Truth in Taxation. Truth in Taxation requires the entity to hold a public hearing to provide an opportunity for residents to comment on the proposal before an increase may occur.

The Jordan School District Board of Education is holding a Truth in Taxation hearing on Aug. 2 at 6 p.m. at Riverton High School.

Jordan is one of a handful of districts in the State that has had just one Truth in Taxation since 2011.

Number of Truth in Taxation Hearings 2011-2021

Number of Truth in Taxation Hearings 2011-2021

Want to know more about how District Dollars are working for you?  Please visit our Financial Facts from the Board of Education page.

Trading Screen Time for Sun Time

Wellness Wednesday LogoOur mind and body need time outside, every day. Many of our students love their screen time, and without school to take up their day, they may be tempted to spend most of that free time in front of some kind of device.

Though games, screens, and devices aren’t necessarily bad for students, time spent in front of screens isn’t really beneficial for mental and physical health. Too much screen time might mean not enough time exercising, interacting with peers, or developing new skills and hobbies.

Rather than condemn or eliminate screen time, families could consider trading screen time with other positive healthy behaviors. It’s good to start small with these kinds of trades, trading 30 minutes of screen time for 30 minutes of sun time is an easy start to creating a balanced lifestyle.

Time in the sun produces essential vitamins and chemical reactions in the brain and body that support students’ mental and physical health (use the sunscreen though if you will be out for extended periods of time!). Sun time can be combined with other healthy actions, like calling or chatting with a friend or family member, active exercise or walking, developing a skill, or trying a hobby like a puzzle or an art project. Combining our sun time with other positive actions like these can make it even more beneficial!

This week’s challenge is to trade a small amount of screen time for sun time. Even 30 minutes per day of this trade can enhance mental health for our students! Let’s get outside as often as possible this summer and feel the benefits to our mental and physical health.

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Financial Facts from the Board: Board Local Levy

Did you know the Jordan School District Board Local Levy is the third lowest in the state?
Of the 41 school districts in Utah, Jordan School District has the third lowest Board Local Levy. Only Wayne and Piute school districts are lower. The Board of Education is responsible for the Board Local Levy and is considering a rate increase.

Board Local Levy

Board Local Levy All Districts – Tax Year 2021

Board Local Levy

Board Local Levy – Tax Year 2021

Want to know more about how District Dollars are working for you?  Please visit our Financial Facts from the Board of Education page.