Supercast Episode 159: How to Identify Bullying Behavior and Stand Up to Stop a Bully

Supercast 159: How to Identify Bullying Behavior and Stand Up to Stop a BullyDo you know someone who is being bullied? Is it something you have experienced yourself?

On this episode of the Supercast, find out what parents, schools and members of the community can do to help prevent bullying and teach kids that it is not OK. Dr. Scott Poland, one of the leading experts in bullying prevention in the United States, joins us with some sound advice on how to identify a bully and stop the bad behavior in a way that works.

Herriman High Students Teach Adults with Disabilities How to Manage Money and Budget

Students in Herriman High School’s Business Club took their knowledge of budgeting out of the classroom on Wednesday to provide a lesson in sound spending for adult students with special needs at South Valley School. It is part of a project they call “Beyond Budgeting.”

The lesson is personal to team members Katelyn and Elizabeth Anderson who have watched their brother, a student at South Valley, struggle with fraud, budgeting, and wise spending. The sisters worked with teammate Emily Reinoso to create a day-long event to teach students how to use the envelope system of budgeting and practice with local businesses.

The team partnered with local businesses like Cyprus Credit Union, Harmons Neighborhood Grocer, SCHEELS, and the Zander Real Estate Team. The businesses sent representatives to act as salespeople to facilitate a real-world buying experience for the students. Elizabeth Anderson believes it is important to have businesses help at this event because, “we want to give the students an experience as real as possible – not just interacting with other students but with real businesses.”

The Business Club students hope to make budgeting more inclusive as they teach students of all abilities how to manage their money. Keep up the great work Herriman High School Business Club!

High School Students Demonstrate How They Found Success Training Wild Mustangs During 7th Grade Agriculture Days

A student on horse back at 7th Grade Ag DayThis year’s 7th Grade Agriculture Days was an experience to remember for about 4,800 Jordan School District students. That’s because for the first time in the event’s history, current and former high school students demonstrated how they found success breaking wild mustangs.

7th Grade Agriculture Days was an opportunity for students to spend two days learning about agriculture and its impacts on their lives. The event brought specialists from 56 different agricultural-related organizations together with business to provide a hands-on educational experience. Students learned about different professions in the ag industry as well as how food makes its way from farms to the dinner table.

This year students were able to see a sheep shearing demonstration, along with a demonstration on how drones now play an important role in growing crops on farms. There were also alpacas, goats, rabbits, pigs, ducks and chickens at the event.

Great job to everyone involved in organizing such an engaging, hands-on event!

Community Helps to Make Homecoming Dance a Night to Remember for Students with Special Needs

It was a night to remember for students with special needs at the South Valley School in West Jordan. School leaders joined with members of the community to put on a Homecoming Dance for students and alumni of the school. It is something current and former students look forward to all year long. This year, Taylor Andrews Academy in West Jordan treated students to free hair design and make-up prior to the dance.

Students enjoyed music with one of their teachers acting as DJ for the evening. There was dancing, refreshments and pictures to capture memorable moments for those attending.

The theme of the Homecoming Dance was “The Sky’s the Limit,” because at South Valley School students with special needs are reminded every day that the sky is indeed the limit in their education and beyond.